general factsEdit

Battra is a dark divine moth created by the spirit of earth to control earth's climate, Battra has 2 stages larvae and imago. Battra is 90 meters tall as larva and 73 as imago. Battra weighs 20,000 tons as larva and 30,000 as imago. Battra as larva looks like a centipede with a yellow horn, And the imago looks like a bat/moth hybrid. Battra is equipped with a horn that is used to ram and shoot electricity and its eyes is used to fire uncontrollable purple electricity beams. As imago Battra can fly at mach 3 speed and can soot prism beams from his eyes and can create an electric shock from his 3 feet.

other factsEdit

Battra has mixed reactions from fans and only appeared in Godzilla vs mothra (heisei remake) and Godzilla island. He is less popular than megagurius but i think he is a lot better and he is one of my favourite Godzilla kaiju.


earth defender/alien