general factsEdit

Gigan is an alien humanoid cyborg with a red visor like eye, and 2 big claws, and a buzz saw on the chest. Gigan is 65 meters tall as showa, and 120 meters as millennium. He weighs 250,000 tons as showa and 60,000 tons as millennium. Gigan has 3 forms original final wars and final wars chainsaw. Gigan can spin his buzz saw and shoot a laser beam from his eye. Gigan can fly because of his back sail for a short period of time, but final wars Gigan can fly with jetpacks how much he wants.

other factsEdit

Gigan apeared in 3 films Godzilla vs Gigan Godzilla vs Megalon and Godzilla final wars. Gigan is considered to be one of the best Kaiju, and is added respectively in the 3 atari 3d fighting games along with Godzilla battle legends and Godzilla daikaiju battle royale.
Original Gigan 1972

original Gigan

Gigan 4

Final wars Gigan

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chainsaw Gigan