general factsEdit

Hedorah is a mutant alien spore that came from the cosmos and merged with earth's pollution. Hedorah Whas a tadpole like form and then became A qaudrapedal reptile form then became what looks like a flying saucer and its final form being a humanoid form. Hedorah is as heavy as 48,000 tons and as big as 0.1 millimetre to 60 meters (depend's on form). Hedorah is equipped with sulphuric acid acidic body and a red laser beam from it's eye talking about it's eye's they are red and big. Hedorah also has a tail that doesn't exactly have a use. Hedorah also has an infamous mud attack that drowns opponents on the floor.

other factsEdit

Hedorah is considered to be one of the creepiest Godzilla kaiju.

appeared in Godzilla vs Hedorah, Godzilla island, Godzilla final wars and some games. (non playable)
Hedorah (1)


mutant/alien (unknown which faction)