general factsEdit

Mechagodzilla2 was a mech created by the GDF to kill Godzilla and restore peace to earth. Mechagodzilla2 was made with mecha king ghidorah parts and other parts and it is 120 meters tall and weighs 150,000 tons and the super form weighs 150,482 tons. Mechagodzilla2 is equipped with a mega buster from the mouth paralysis missiles from the shoulders laser beams from the eyes has a plasma grenade from the chest and missiles from the knuckles. If merged with Garuda Mechagodzilla2 will become super mechagodzilla and can fire maser cannons and can use a mach 1 jetpack.


other factsEdit

Mechagodzilla2 is the least favourite mechagodzilla for fans but for me he is just as good as the others, He almost killed Godzilla but he has a weakness, HAND TO HAND CLOSE COMBAT. He can't even punch at all sure in the games he can be a boss at melee attacks but in the movie he is extremely vulnerable. Mechagodzilla 2 apeared in Godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2 as a protagonist

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