general factsEdit

MechaGodzilla is a mech created by the aliens from space titanium to dominate earth sand kill Godzilla. Mechagodzilla is 50 meters tall and weighs 40,000 tons, MechaGodzilla uses missiles from his knees feet fingers and mouth and can shoot a rainbow beam from his mouth. Mechagodzilla can rotate his head in a 360 degree and can reach a high speed making a force field, Mechagodzilla also shoots a orange energy beam from the chest, and can also use rockets from his feet to fly mach 5 speed.


other factsEdit

Mechagodzilla is a well received Godzilla Mech and is a fan favourite, Mechagodzilla can disguise into "fake Godzilla" which allows him to fire a yellow beam from his mouth. Mechagodzilla is featured in 2 films (not to be confused with Mechagodzilla2 or kiryu) Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla and Terror of mechagodzilla.