general factsEdit

Mothra is a divine moth that is worshipped by natives as a Goddess.
Mothra is a guardian of the earth and is 53 meters tall as showa larva, 120 as heisei larva. And 43 meters as millennium larva. As imago Mothra is 65 meters as showa and heisei and 36 as millennium.

Mothra has 2 forms, larva and imago the larva is basically a giant brown silkworm, and imago is a mix of giant moth and butterfly. Mothra is one of Godzilla's sidekicks but did fight on their first time seeing each other. Mothras imago abilities are biting dragging shooting a beam and talking. The larva shoots strong strain but can also talk. Mothra lays a giant egg and ocasionaly when one divine moth lays one the egg might hatch with 2 twin larvas

other factsEdit

Mothra is a very popular kaiju and although appearing in a lot of Godzilla films Mothra has 4 films of her own, Mothra and 3 rebirth of Mothra films. She starred in 10 Godzilla films and is rumoured to be in the 31st film.
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